How Is My Due Date Determined?

To know exactly how many weeks of pregnancy you are and how many months it means you need to calculate the gestational age and for this you only need to know the Last Menstruation Date and count in a calendar how many weeks there are until the current date so you know everything. You can find the due date calculator on the web to help you as well.

What if I do not know the date of last menstruation?

When the woman is not sure what the last menstrual day was, adding information to the pregnancy calculator, the safest way to know how many weeks of gestation is and what the probable date of delivery is through ultrasound or uterine height, which is what the doctor usually calculates the weeks and months of pregnancy. For this are considered:

  • Amount of Beta HCG in blood;
  • Uterine height after the 12th week of gestation and
  • Ultrasonography requested by the gynecologist.
  • How to Know Gestational Age in Weeks and Months
  • How to calculate gestational age in weeks

Understanding your periods

To calculate gestational age in weeks without pregnancy calculator, note the date of the last menstruation on a calendar. Every 7 days, as of this date, the baby will have another week of life.

The calculation is made so because although the woman is not yet pregnant, it is very difficult to define exactly when fertilization occurred, because sperm can survive up to 7 days in the woman’s body before fertilizing the egg and actually initiate the pregnancy.

How to know gestational age in months

  • 1st Trimester 1 month until 4 weeks and a half of gestation
  • 1st Quarter 2 months 4 and a half weeks to 9 weeks
  • 1st Trimester 3 months 10 to 13 weeks and a half of gestation
  • 2nd Trimester 4 months 13 and a half weeks of gestation at 18 weeks
  • 2nd Trimester 5 months 19 to 22 weeks and a half of gestation
  • 2nd Trimester 6 months 23 to 27 weeks of gestation
  • 3rd Trimester 7 months 28 to 31 weeks and a half of gestation
  • 3rd trimester 8 months 32 to 36 weeks of gestation
  • 3rd trimester 9 months 37 to 42 weeks of gestation

Usually the pregnancy lasts 40 weeks, but the baby can be born between 39 and 41 weeks without problems. However, if labor does not start spontaneously until the age of 41 weeks, the doctor may choose to induce labor with oxytocin in the vein.

How to calculate the probable date of the baby’s birth

To calculate the probable date of delivery, which should be around 40 weeks after the , it is necessary to add 7 days to the DUM, then count 3 months back and then put the following year. You can also look for due date calculator on the web.

This calculation does not give the exact date of the baby’s birth because the baby can be born between 37 and 42 weeks of gestation, however, the mother is already informed of the likely time of the baby’s birth.


Pregnancy due Date and Conception Calculator

 Many women are making use of the pregnancy due date and conception calculator. This is so that they can get pregnant faster and without any problems along the way. But, before you can use the calculator, you need to make sure that you know everything there is to know about these calculators. This is the only way to make sure that you are going to be successful in using the calculator and about getting pregnant fast.

Knowing and understanding all the terms

It doesn’t really matter if you are using the pregnancy calculator or the conception calculator. The thing that really does matters is that you know and understand all the terms when you are using the calculator.

There are many women that are using these calculators incorrectly, and this is just because they didn’t understand all the terms correctly. There are many guides online that are going to tell you exactly what the different terms mean, and how to use the calculators correctly. Make sure that you understand these terms before you start using the calculator.

How accurate are these calculators?

You need to know that some of these conception calculators are more reliable than others. Meaning that some calculators are quite accurate, while others might not be as accurate as what you hoped it should be. If you are using more than one calculator, you will see that the answers might be different.

This is because some of the calculators are more reliable than others. But, this can make you unsure if the calculator that you are using is the accurate one or the fake one. It is important that you should make sure that you are going to use the calculator that comes highly recommended.

Making sure that you are going to use the right calculator

It is important that you make sure that you are going to use the right, and highly recommended calculator. This is the only way that you can make sure that you aren’t going to make a mistake with the pregnancy calculator or the conception calculator.

You need to make sure that you are going to do research and read reviews. This is the only way that you can know which of these calculators are the accurate ones that comes highly recommended. There are some of the paid calculators and some are free. By using the paid ones, you are going to make sure that you are going to use one that is trustworthy and reliable. The free ones are normally the lower quality ones.

To be able to get pregnant, you might want to use the conception calculator. This is so that you can see when are your chances the highest to get pregnant. However, you need to make sure that you are going to use the best possible calculator that is going to give you the most accurate readings and answers. Those that have used these calculators before and didn’t succeed to get pregnant, might have used the wrong pregnancy calculator to get pregnant.


How a Due Date Calculator Works

Do you think about using a due date calculator? For most, it’s not something they actually think about and yet it is an important tool for many expectant mothers. Being able to calculate the baby’s birth date is quite important. This not only ensures you are ready at home but that you are prepared for what happens next! People really don’t think about using these calculators and yet they can be more useful than you know.

How A Pregnancy Calculator Works?

How does a due date or pregnancy calculator work? Well, you can input a few pieces of data that relates to the pregnancy and you should be given a due date. This can take seconds to do and you will get answers immediately; it’s great really. However, this is also a useful tool when it comes to planning for the future and getting the finances in order before the baby arrives. No parent really wants to think about these things and yet it really is a necessity at times. There are so many people who are going to find opting for the percentage calculator helps them. Mothers really need the percentage and due date calculators so that they know what they can expect. It’s something that should be given priority.

Can You Use The Calculator To Start Planning For Your Future?

People think the percentage calculators are only for investors and that they’ll not really be useful when it comes to planning and saving for the future but that’s not entirely true. You can actually use the calculator to help workout your finances a little better and know where you really are. This is also very useful and it’ll help when it comes to planning the future. You can use the due date calculator to work out when the baby is due and the percentage calculators to help work out budgets. Mothers don’t always think about this and yet it can be more than useful if you think about it.

Use the Calculator to Get To Grips with Saving For the Future

duedate calculator

Have you got your finances in order? To be honest, there are a lot of expectant mothers and fathers who absolutely have no idea how their finances look or how they’ll manage once the baby is born. Hoping for the best is nice but it’s not ideal and sometimes you really have to think carefully about your future so that the baby can be given the best start. Sometimes, you’re actually better looking at the percentage calculator in order to work out simple things like how much money you have left over after the necessities are taken out. This gives you a figure to work with and you might be able to budget a lot more effectively. It’s something which a lot of women have to deal with and it can be a lot easier than you might think. Learn more details at

Be Sure

Knowing when the baby is due can be great and it gives everyone the time to wait for the big occasion; however, it’ll also give you time to plan the finances. Yes, money isn’t important right now but you have to still think about it so that things can run smoothly. Why not use the due date calculator and the percentage one and see how it can help you.


Due Date Calculator – Simple Ways to Know

Have you given any thought to the due date calculator? To be honest, most people haven’t heard of it and, for those who have, they haven’t really given it much thought. It’s a pity because the calculator can give you the answers you’ve been looking for and it’s free. There has never been a better time to use the due date calculator and it will enable you to start preparing for the future ahead.

Why Use the Due Date Calculator

Getting to know the birth date of the baby is really important. When you know the date you can get everything prepared at home and it might also help start your mind into thinking about your finances. Yes, the pregnancy is supposed to be a time of calm and relaxation but there is money to think about. Far too many mothers and fathers don’t really give any thought to their finances and it means tougher times when the baby does arrive. You don’t need to go through the same panic as there can be many simple yet effective ways to prepare for both. You can prepare for the birth of the baby as well as think about your finances. The percentage calculator can be an excellent tool for a lot of expectant mothers too. visit the other blog posted at

Budgeting For the Future

When you use the due date calculator you might be able to also prepare for the future. You can start thinking about your finances and how you can get them into order which is really important. Far too many people don’t think about finances and yet it’s so important, especially with a baby on the way. If you are expecting you need to prepare for the joyous occasion but also for the financial changes that also come with the baby. It might seem pointless working out how much you have left over from your pay check once the necessities are paid for and yet it’s really important. It will help you to prepare budgets for the future as well as maybe put additional money away.

Why Finances Are Important When You’re Expecting


It’s not just you anymore, there is a little baby on the way so while it’s important to know your due date, it’s also very important to think about the state of your finances. What if you haven’t budgeted for when the baby arrives? How can you ensure your pay check stretches far enough? It’s a worry and it’s not one you need when the baby arrives either which is why you have to get ready for the occasion and in more ways than one. The percentage calculator can be a great tool to use and it’s something which most will find useful. These are the things which can help many mothers ensure they are fully prepared for the baby (both physically and financially). get full updates straight from the source.

Be Prepared

It’s very easy to say you are prepared for the big event but, for most, they aren’t and it’s a scary time no matter how smooth the actual pregnancy goes. You don’t just have a new baby to take care of but financial concerns too and they can become very stressful. However, if you are little more cautious before the birth and fix your finances things might become a lot less stressful. Use the due date calculator as well as financial calculators and you’ll hopefully keep your finances in check.